Guest Speakers

David Nathan of Bread of Life Ministries

In 1986, David Nathan came to faith in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah), from an orthodox Jewish family. He entered full time ministry in 1992. Since then, he has been involved in many diverse ministries, from evangelism to pastoral work, Messianic ministry, teaching and writing to church planting. David ministers in a typical Hebraic style, encouraging interaction with the congregation whilst expounding the Scriptures from a Biblical Jewish mindset.

James Jacob Prasch is Director of Moriel Ministries.

Jacob Prasch
He was born near New York City in the USA where he became a Christian while studying science in university in February of 1972,
after trying to disprove the Bible with science, history, and archaeology. He found so much evidence in support of the claims of Jesus and the Bible that it required more faith to reject it than to believe it.

Already frustrated by the failures of the hippie generation to build a better world, disillusioned by the Marxism to which he subscribed, and with the drug culture that claimed the lives of some of his friends and nearly his own, he put his faith in Jesus.
Jacob’s family is a combination of Roman Catholic and Jewish. (In his youth he was forced to attend a Catholic school, but also attended the Jewish Community Center.) Jacob’s wife Pavia, also from a science background, is a Romanian-born Israeli Jewish believer who is the daughter of holocaust survivors. Pavia was an atheist and Jacob was an agnostic. After coming to faith both switched from study in scientific fields to theological fields in Israel and in Britain. They have two children both born in Galilee.

Jacob is a Hebrew-speaking evangelist to the Jews and a Bible teacher elaborating on the original Judeo-Christian background and hermeneutics of the New Testament, and his emphasis is on church planting and missions. He and Moriel have also been a conservative voice for biblically-based discernment among moderate Pentecostals and Charismatics opposed to the seductions of the ecumenism, money oriented preaching and hype artistry, “charismania” and psycho-babble prevalent in today’s church.

Jacob and Moriel are committed to the conviction that we are in the Last Days approaching the return of Christ and that contemporary events in the Middle East, the moral deterioration of society, the destruction of the environment, the globalization of the world economy, the rise of a pseudo-democratic federal Europe and, above all, the apostasy in the contemporary church, are all events of prophetic significance eschatologically.

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Latest Sermon given on 16th October 2016

Pastor Bill Randles

Bill Randles
I am 51 years old and have served Believers in Grace fellowship since 1982. A non denominational Pentecostal church in Marion, Iowa. My wife and I started this church in our living room.

My wife’s name is Kristin and she has given me six awesome children, 2 daughters Dara, and Anna, and 4 sons, Samuel, Marcus, Ian and Ezra. My daughters are married and Dara our eldest, has 7 children and Anna has 3. (My secret plan to take over the world…shhhhhh!)

I have written four books, three of which are critiques of certain heretical trends within Pentecostalism. MAKING WAR IN THE HEAVENLIES… addresses the spiritual warfare error which emerged in the late eighties and early nineties. WEIGHED AND FOUND WANTING, puts the so called Toronto blessing in its true context, as a development of the Manifested Sons of God heresy, once denounced by the Assemblies of God, but now embraced. BEWARE THE NEW PROPHETS takes on the prophetic movement of Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, and Kim Clement among others. My last book, MENDING THE NETS is a commentary on the First Epistle of John.

Our church has a website which features a lot of my articles and in audio and video, many of my sermons.

Latest sermon given on 24th October 2016